Серия 3650

MDI (Modular Devices, Inc.)
Специальное назначение
Источники питания специального назначения
Входные параметры: 
DC 5B, Низковольтный диапазон входного напряжения
Максимальная выходная мощность: 
20 Вт

Specifically designed for military or aerospace applications,
with hermetic package
Completely self contained DC-DC Converter, needs no external components
Fully isolated input – output
"Inhibit–not" function
Power on soft start
300 kHz operation for low ripple and fast response time
Built-in common mode and differential mode EMI filter
Short circuit protection
Capability of external sync for switching frequencies
Built-in test pin


INPUT : 5 VDC nominal
Range: 4.6 to 5.6 VDC continuous
4.75 to 5.6 VDC full power
Survives 10 V transients
Input to case: 500 VDC
Input to output: 500 VDC
Output to case: 100 VDC
Storage temperature: -55°C to +150°C
Shock:50 G's
Acceleration: 500 G's
Vibration: 30 G's
Grades M:
Full Output Power at Tcase = +85°C
Linearly derates to zero at Tcase = +115°C
Grades E:
Full Power Output at Tcase = +125°C
Linearly derates to zero at Tcase = +135°C
75 grams typical