Конференция по вопросам влияния ядерного и космического излучения NSREC 2014 (Париж)

Компания СМК приняла участие в NSREC по технологии создания и производства радиационностойких электронных компонентов

В Париже с 14 по 18 июля 2014 года совместно компанией Modular Devices Inc. США.

NSREC 2014, IEEE Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference is regarded as one of the primary event on Nuclear Sciences, Engineering, Radiation Detection And Monitoring, Radiation Effects, Nuclear Biomedical Applications, Particle Accelerators, Nuclear Power , Plasma Science, Thermonuclear Fusion and Fusion Technology areas. The Conference is organized annually.

This Conference is anticipated to be joined by up to 500 attendees.

NSREC 2014 is organized by IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society.

IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society
NPSS was founded in 1949.

Organizes and supports many symposia, conferences and workshops each year.
Publishes three Transactions (one in collaboration with three other societies).
Publishes a Newsletter that reaches all members three times a year.
Presents awards each year to recognize major contributors to the field