Our major focus and key competence is design in activities in such applications as Hi-Reliability products with extended temperature range, MTBF, RadHard; Security Systems; and Industrial applications.To maintain this service we have an experienced staff of field application engineers, support the customer from very beginning of his product concept through samples delivery, technical consulting and component procurement, additional testing of components on customer’s demand. Our key staff has the long year experience in the branches of manufacturing and distribution of electronic components and modules.Main products groups we focus on are the following – AC\DC, DC\DC converters for commercial, industrial and Hi-Rel applications. FPGA, PLD including Hi-Rel and Space applications SM-Complect is an authorized partner of Silica (An Avnet company). Fiber optic transceivers and modules for GPON, SDH, Ethernet, fiber channel applications.Quarz crystals, oscillators, filters, frequency synthesizers, RF VHF amplifiers and modules.- We cooperate with leading global suppliers such as Avnet Silica, EBV, DigiKey. Please contact for a trade reference. With the main offices in St-Petersburg and Moscow we are active in all key industrial regions in Russia and continue expanding our supply network offering our customers best service in technical support, fare price and on time delivery with efficient logistic, stock, and quality control. Services for suppliers and component manufacturers: Design-In activities: We are maintaining extensive and competent technical support by our Field application engineers from design stage through procurement and post-sale services. Promotion through exhibitions, seminars, presentations of new products at customer premises. Stocking and delivery just in time for commodities Additional Tests and quality control if required by the customers (applicable especially for space and Hi-Rel segments) We are open for cooperation with new partners, additional information and our trade references are available on request.

SM-Complect Ltd. is a specialist in the distribution of electronic components, modules and other materials for use in highly complex applications. We provide technical support to customers in various stages, including early-stage support. The company provides the following services:

  • We assist in the selection of hardware components, the provision of consultation on the selection of hardware components for the projects, taking into account price\quality ratio.
  • We provide complete technical information for the project, including detailed product specifications, diagrams, PCB Design Layers.
  • We provide a wide range of debugging aid, including development tools, evaluation boards and software.
  • We provide technical on-line consultations at all stages of the project development, including involvement of experts of the components manufacturer in the respective directions. Technical support may take the form of telephone conferences, on-line consultations, webinars.
  • We assist in the modification of hardware components. Some of the manufacturers that are part of our product range (Modular Divices Inc. Hi Rel DC\DC; optical transceivers; microwave modules Aethercomm Inc.) are willing to adapt their products for specific customer requirements. Our engineers will undertake all issues to resolve and harmonize your wishes.

If necessary, we can arrange seminars for our clients with the involvement of experts of the components manufacturer. The Seminar can be conducted in any convenient for you location or in our office.

Any technical questions and information on your project, you can direct to the e-mail address info@sm-complect.ru

We will reply to your e-mail within the next business day.

SM-Complect Ltd. is the official exclusive distributor of ModularDevicesInc. in Russia and the CIS.
ModularDevicesInc. (ISO 9001:2008, CERT-0049844) was founded in 1973 and now employs over 60 highly skilled experts of their field.

Location: Shirley, New York, USA.

Website: http://www.mdipower.com/

MDI Companies engaged in the development, design and production of innovative products in the field of satellite systems and electrical equipment for military, aerospace and commercial purposes.It also produces components and converters for space power. The main line of cooperation between SM-Complect Ltd. and MDI isDC / DC-converters delivery with in-line RFI filter, fully hermetization and external synchronization. In addition to these characteristics, hybrid DC / DC-converters are versatile building blocks for the development of new solutions at all design levels.

Available opportunities and benefits when selecting MDI products:

  • The best choice for the development of power systems and the layout.
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous systems, custom packages that meet the requirements of customers.
  • Assistance in the selection of parts, standard components with the minimum number of measurements;constructionor a new custom design.
  • Development and production of a wide range of standard and custom power supplies for aircraft, aerospace, military and industrial use.
  • Optimal solutions for each product.
  • A thorough computer analysis using thermal management, which ensures high reliability.
  • Inclusion in their development of new technologies and advances in the sphere of high-frequency engineering.
  • Possibility of combining several hybrid DC/DC-converters in semi-custom or custom systems with high density assembly.
  • VME, SEM E Layouts or Custom layout.
  • MDI successfully manufactures power supplies installation for unique products.

POWRMOD desings and produces high quality, reasonably priced DC-DC converters that include all necessary aspects that customers require in high reliability applications.

The benefits of these products include:
built in EMI filters
synchronous rectification and output common mode filtering
environmentally resistant six sided electrically and magnetically shielded case
built with high quality components, such as only solid Tantalum or MLC capacitors, magnetics with high temperature wire and high quality printed wiring boards
magnetic coupled isolation instead of optocouplers
engineering advice to help you select the best product for your application
comprehensive testing and screening options to suit every application and program requirement
offer of a custom modification

POWRMOD combines the experience of more than 30 years of high reliability DC-DC converter know how

Silica, an Avnet Company (ISO 14001)
Avnet — is a major distributor of electronic components, computer products and technology services and solutions. Avnet helps to increase efficiency, manage logistics, controls assembling productsand provides technical support to 100,000 customers.
Website: http://www.avnet.com/
Year of Founded: 1921
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Number of Employees: More than 18,000 in 80 countries in 300 offices
Silica is a division of Avnet, founded in 2001 to distribute semiconductors. It provides technical support and a full range of logistics services to customers throughout Europe.

Silica is the third largest distributor of semiconductors in Europe. The company employs over 650 people in 39 branches.

Website http://www.silica.com

Headquarters: Belgium


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